Presenting The All New Stylish OreObject SPHEREtouch Mouse

Long gone are those days when computer peripherals looked something carved out of a rock, where the device inspite of their usability, could never make the user take a second look at them, let alone admire their design. Nowadays these devices are equally fancy as they are important in their functions. Keeping in tune with good looking computer peripherals, here is another product, that would take your breath away and leave you speechless, as to its deigns and looks. We are talking about the all new SPHEREtouch mouse from OreObject. This one of a kind spherical mouse comes in three distint metal choices of steel, titanium and platinum and the device sports a horizontal scroll wheel along with two touch sensitive mouse buttons.

The all new OreObject SPHEREtouch mouse is compatible with both Windows and Apple MAC operating systems, and the device the first product to be launched by OreObject. The mouse is entirely hand crafted and the position of the touch sensitive buttons and the scroll wheel is as such, that it gives the users to keep their fingers in a relaxed position, when the mouse is not in use. Furthermore, the introduction to the touch enabled mouse buttons and the large scroll wheel, helps the users to scroll through large documents and web pages effortlessly and with great ease.

According to Charles Tseng (Founder & Chief Designer, OreObject),

“You can imagine how much exertion that is applied to a single finger which also does scrolling. It’s very intuitive and creative way of scrolling. You will never go back to scrolling with your index finger again.”

The SPHEREtouch mouse from OreObject available via the company’s website and the price tag for the this device is as following. The steel version of the SPHEREtouch mouse will cost $155, followed by the titanium model at $175 and finally the platinum model is priced at $225.

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