Henry Dagg’s Big Musical Sculpture Desperate For A Museum-Home

Creativity sells for all the good publicity it gets. That said, it sells even more for all the bad publicity it gets. The musical sculpture created by Henry Dagg is a classic example. This one is a magnificent piece of art made in stainless steel. And from what we hear its creation had ruffled up quite a conversation owing to its controversy than anything else.

Apparently, the English Folk Dance and Song Society asked to sculptor to build the structure in six months in the year 2006. However, Dagg went about things a bit differently (you know, hwo artistic minds function) andwas able to complete it only in three and a half years. He even went the extra milde to bring it across as a real and ‘naturally powered sound sculpture’.

For this little feat, Dagg blew some $44,000 on this considerably big structure. And currently, it is desperately looking for a home. But we think that only those with a mammoth size (please read, ‘reminding one of museums’) house can actually think of adding this to their home decor. Of course, museums also have a chance at it.

Via news.bbc

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