Crystal Ball, The Future Kitchen Concept 2015

As much the past leaves us in awe, the future inspires us to dream a dream. And we do know that most of us always wonder what our houses will turn looking like in the next five years, the kitchen area is a particular concern. Though we have doubts about living like the Jetsons by then complete with a robo chef and stuff but we do get a clear picture thanks to the Kitchen Concept 2015.

As the name suggests, this one is a kitchen concept that makes use of electric kitchen furniture elements with an aim to allow them various functionalities in a variety of possible application scenarios. Even the look of the kitchen has been kept very clean and simple.

This one comes disguised as a piece of modern art and it’s here to make those social gathering easier and faster to organise with a definite topic of discussion – your AWESOME kitchen. Plus the concept also helps save space. We are quite taken by it. Apparently, we will have to wait for a while with bags full of money to actually own a beauty like this one.

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  • Nice concept and well thought out. The kitchen is more than just a place for cooking, it is a mecca for entertaining as well.

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