Elite Estate: Own a Villa at the Summit of Cap d’Antibes in France

Modernism is a term that is used to refer to that period of art when the Industrial age ended and the sequence of radically different thoughts and concepts developed. Much of existentialism, cubism and other movements belong to the modernist era, and it influenced art, architecture, literature, movies and music.

Designed in 1961 by Claude Parent, here is a house located at the summit of Cap d’Antibes, a famous spot for its stunning views. When you buy this house, you would get splendid views of Bay of Antibes and Golfe-Juan. The mansion comes with an area of 250m² of living space and 4 bedrooms. The villa was listed in Patrimoine de France in 1989, and Claude Parent belongs to the Académie des Beaux-Arts.

This means, the house is formally a part of the French heritage. It is a modern and heritage building which is a combination that can’t usually be found. Ann Adenius revealed to us this amazing piece of property that is part of France’s elite estates. If you would like to buy a piece of property in France, this could be the chance!

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