Supersonic Jet Setting Returns!

Years ago, with the tragic crash of Concorde (year 2000), and the subsequent `retirement’ of the jets after a drop in numbers post 9/11, we thought the dream of supersonic transport aviation bit the dust.

Nearly a decade on, such travel may become reality after all, with other players in the jet industry picking up from where Concorde left.

A high altitude supersonic business-jet concept has come up now, for the billionaire boys’ club. And it will not be long before this set of fliers switches to supersonic travel, after having given up hopes for top class travel.

It’s called The Fly project. Designed by Russian graduate students under the direction of their professor, the students have used aircraft K B Tupolev as a basis to develop the supersonic concept.

The jet however, has been designed for private use alone. Go ahead, and indulge in some billionaire luxury on air!

This concept jet can accommodate nine people – six passengers, two pilots and a flight attendant, with a maximum flight time limit of four hours. Technical and aesthetic requirements aside, the design possesses functionality and comfort, key to such travel.

Via: Cardesign, Instyle Design

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