Gaggenau Electric Cooktop: The Future of Cooking

One of the inventions of man that has lasted for the entire period of history is the wheel. Even before that, the invention of fire using two rocks rubbed against each other pro0mpted man to cook his own food, and also protect himself against wild animals and use as a torch light in the night.

Gaggenau Electric Cooktop is a post modern version of that fire, which comes with futuristic technology and all the jazz that the geeks talk about. While fire has still remained the only way we cook our food, it is just manifested in different forms of heat like electricity, radiation and of course, the good old fire.

The Gaggenau Electric Cooktop comes with a stainless steel frame and illuminated professional control knobs that can be used with other Gagenau 400 series. With flexible combinable roaster zone, you could brown vegetables, meat etc rally fast. It is also great for slow browning and to cook large items like turkey and meat. The anti-stick lid makes sure the grill is used always, and it can be sued with residual heat display. It costs $1,100 Euros.

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