Wag Style: Take Your Doggie to the Oxygen Bar

If you have a dog or a cat with you, you would know how endearing they are and how much more they deserve than your human friends. Animals rarely criticize you, and usually are the most trustworthy friends you could ever ask for.

While there are several spas and saloons where you could indulge your pet, there are certain places where you could do a little more than that. Wag Style dog salon in Tokyo is one such place where you could take your doggie on a trip for some oxygen therapy. The dogs would be allowed to relax in a special transparent steel and glass enclosure, where juts of oxygen would rejuvenate your little doggie.

However, it has been found that excessive oxygen can accelerate ageing among humans, so the same mechanism may work on dogs as well. The service costs $21 for 30 minutes and is located in Yoyogi Uehara. You could take your dog a couple of times a month here, but not more often. Unfortunately, cal lovers like me should find a different place with similar services. Or perhaps cats just would not need something like this, for cats are so much cooler!

Via: Tokyo Mango

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