Presenting The All New Jewel Earphones: Make Up For Your Music

Music is meant for every human being and there is hardly a soul on this planet who would not be able to relate one or the other aspect of his life with music. For many of us, music is the very essence of our lives and defines our existence. Now, when music is so very personal to our lives, then why should the devices that help us connect with it should be left impersonal?

Keeping in tune with the vitality of music and the sphere of influence it exerts on our lives, Gadget4All has come out with an all new designer line of earphones, that not only provide high fidelity audio, but are also very stylish in design. These exquisite earphones have been given the shapes of pink roses and skulls and are designed and developed for the users who prefer to listen to music in style.

The pink roses earphones would be ideal for the ones who cherish soft music, such as classics, blues, operas etc. However, the avid music fans who prefer the genre of rock, metal, Gothic metal and the heavy stuff would definitely be enticed by the earphones that are in the shape of skulls. The skull has long been a symbol of hard core rock community and has featured on platinum record breaking albums by bands such as Guns ‘n’ Roses, Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, Disturbed etc. Gadget4All has deemed this innovative and stylish headphones as the ideal gift for the upcoming major event, Valentine’s Day. This latest line of earphones is available online from Gadget4All and are priced at $12.99 per set.

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