CES 2010: Cideco Unveils Air Keyboard

Cideko’s Air Keyboard is very tiny and dainty. It can easily fit inside your palm, but gives you full control. It helps you control your home theatre PC and allows you transport all your media and of course, it makes things easy and sustainable.

It even comes with earphone and headphone ports. The price is not known and the availability is not clear either. However, it is one of the cooler gadgets that I have come across, and it will surely be an enviable contender if it participated at any kind of event as the CES 2010.

Now it is not clear what makes this Air Keyboard so cool, but my guess is that thanks to its chic design and also the innovative technology that it comes with, it is a great gadget indeed. I you had always wondered what the future of keyboards could be, this could perhaps be a great answer. I would so love to get one for myself, but if only they shipped right away!

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