Blob VB3: Time To Live In An Eggshell. Interesting!

Tired of living in a two room apartment and need a change or time to wind down and unplug. Well, then the Blob VB3 is just the mobile home for you. It in literal sense, puts you in an “egg” due to the shape of the house that has been designed on the concept of an egg. The Blob VB3 has been designed by dmvA, which is a Belgian architectural company that specializes in turning concepts and radical ideas into reality. The Blob VB3 has been designed especially for the office of xfactoragencies, that had been looking for a mobile platform to work from.

The Blob VB3 is made entirely from polyester and by the look of this unique architectural marvel, the house can accommodate one individual with room spare for all the basic necessities, that a conventional home might have such as bathroom, kitchen, lighting, sleeping space and even some amount of space left for storage purposes.

The all new dmvA designed Blob VB3 has been introduced as a mobile home that can also be used as an office space, a guest house or even a recreational home, because it can be easily transported and give altogether different living experience.

Via Design Boom

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