Royal Delft Inspires You To Save With The Pretty Blue Piggy Bank

Royal Delft is a happy brand these days winning all the credit for the adorable looking piggy bank that it has crafted. We all know that RD has been a name to reckon with since its establishment in 1653. And now it has got together with Marcel Wanders, to come up with this latest edition of the delft blue collection of which the cute piggy is a part.

We think this one’s coming at an appropriate time. The financial times are still a bit stiff though things seem to be improving. And this piggy bank comes as a reminder to start saving from the soonest you can for the rainy days.

Mind you, this one is far from the moralising strain. Did we tell you that Royal Delft has captured the exact moment of when the piggy bank is struck (though, we sincerely hope it never happens to this beauty). With a price like $1,288, you might have to start saving for the purchase to actually start with saving business later on. Quite a pun there. We are amsued. So will you be if you buy this as a Christmas present for yourself.

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