Art Edition Speakers: Eye Candy, and Bass Boosters

There is something weird about gadgets. They perform well, but look bad. And they look good but perform bad. Here are some cool speakers by ELAC which not only look good but are amazingly functional as well. The Art Edition Speakers by ELAC cost $1,500 and above, and their FS 247 loudspeakers come with a really cool high gloss finish and you could purchase them by choosing the motif you want.

The motifs include tigers, floral designs, and also the geometric shaped FS 247 De Stijl Edition which look really cool. The motifs not only look good but also protect the speakers from scratches and water. When you get tired of a motif, you could go ahead and get yourself a new one as well.

These are some of the best speakers I have ever come across as they look artful, and perform well. I would never admire speakers that come studded with loads of Swarovski crystals and cost a bomb. That really is not cool. What is actually cool is, turning something geeky into something artful both of which are at the two ends of the pendulum.

Via: Chip Chick
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