Kisai Announces the Beautiful Tenmetsu Concept Watch

If you ever wanted to make a fashion statement with your watch, you really should give a second thought about Kisai Watches. You not only get stylish and fashionable watches, but also great precision and engineering along with the beautiful watches. They are designed and made in Japan, the land of technology and precision.

Kisai as a brand made their debut in 2008 November and has just been a year. The Tenmetsu Concept by the company is an ideal watch that would take your breath away. It displays the time and date in sequence by colour when you press the button. It comes with red LEDs and they indicate 15 units. The yellow LEDs indicate 5 units and the green ones indicate just one unit.

kisai watch-2

It tells you the hours, the minutes, the month and the date. All Kisai watches come with a 3 year warranty and that is something that I would love to have! If you looked at the watch, you would be certainly convinced that it is one of the most beautiful watches around. It is water resistant and is made of aluminium. With Japanese and English instructions, you can’t possibly go wrong.
kisai watch-1

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