Platinum Starlight HDMI Cable Satirizes Geek Lifestyle

The market is overrun with many gadgets that we do not understand about, or care about. Hell, why would we need so many gadgets especially the kinds for which we need to use a dictionary to find out what they do? There is a better way to spend all that heard or easy earned money. One could go ahead and buy gadgets that are familiar but that which look good and stylish.

There is nothing better than eye-candy, and in a world that is riddled with science and technology, it is better to seek comfort in the known and the luxurious. With that in mind, here is an expensive HDMI cable that is made of platinum. The Platinum Starlight HDMI cable from Wireworld costs $1,000 and is one of the best HDMI cables that I have ever seen.

The sole reason being it is made of Platinum and looks like it was made for Jade, who could be the royal deity of a fictitious planet. With such glamour and style, I am sure you would love to spend $1,000 on this cool Platinum Starlight HDMI cable. I cannot stop singing praises of Wireworld, who had the audacity to create something so luxurious in a world where everything depends on geekishness.

Via: Engadget

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