Paul Reed Smiths Original Sewell Amplifier Looks Awesome

Paul Reed Smith is not a new name in the field of guitar making. In fact, he is a legendary guitar maker who seems to have carved out a niche for himself. Now, the guitar maker has manufactured the Original Sewell which comes with an expressive vocal quality and also is available in many combo configurations, with one being 50 and 100 watt head.

Controls for Volume, Master Volume, Treble, Bass/Boost, a Bright switch, and other features come with the cool Original Sewell. It costs $4385 and is something that I would certainly buy if I needed a great amplifier. Amplifiers always need to be the best and if you can’t buy something that is unique, you are probably losing out on a lot of stuff.

So go ahead, and get this cool Paul Reed Smiths Original Sewell amplifier and see the music in your guitar rock the world. This is a must-have for any guitar player, as amplifiers truly show what the music is really about and without a great one there is no point. The Original Sewell even looks pretty awesome and that is perhaps why it is so expensive. So go ahead and get it!

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