Christian Dior Helps Decorate the Claridge’s Hotel Christmas Tree

Christian Dior’s creative director, designer John Galliano is one hell of a person who actually knows a lot about design and art. He was recently asked to think of something for Claridge’s Christmas tree decoration. With Christian Dior name coming into foray, you could only expect the tree to look as outlandish as possible.

So here was a guy who thought of the tree so seriously that the resulting tree is something that is completely unbelievable. While there is no information about what the decoration or the unusual tree might mean, it does seem to me that there is a lot to interpret. Moreover, each piece of art can be interpreted thousands of ways by each individual who looks at it.

Claridge's Hotel Christmas Tree
Claridge’s Hotel Christmas Tree

The tree seems to have a leopard on it and the existence of a wild animal on a tree as a decoration peaks loads about how ornamental animals have become. Leopards and other big cats are disappearing soon and it soon might be the day when we will not get to see a big cat ever. If you would like to take a look at the tree yourself, please do visit the Claridge’s Hotel in London.

Christian Tree Dior
Christian Tree Dior
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  • Christian Dior is really a fashion genius, i like how he designs clothes and other stuffs,~~

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