Boxee Box: An Unnecessary Gadget to Complicate Life

If you are the kind of person who refuses to settle for anything different from the regular TV, you would be missing a lot. Most importantly, you would be missing all those wonderful videos that YouTube and other sites bring to you.

Recognizing this market where people refuse to use anything but a TV and never a computer, Boxee has brought the Boxee Box. It can be kept next to the TV and it brings all the cool videos to you right on your TV. It is made by D-Link and acts as a connected digital video player. It costs $200, and comes with many features such as HDMI output, Ethernet port, built-in Wi-Fi, a couple of USB ports and others.

I would say, just go ahead and connect a computer to the back of your computer and it would all work fine. I do not understand why you would need a box when you can just use Internet on your TV by connecting it t your computer and accessing the whole world wide web. Spending $200 on this is stupidity and I would say, go ahead and get some cool sunglasses from Hugo Boss or Dior instead.

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