Guillaume Amphyon Designs the Reelax Shoes for Salomon Sports

Guillaume Amphyon is a French designer who is based in Annecy. He is a footwear designer who is quite well known for his creativity and dexterity when it comes to great footwear. He took nearly 2 years in order to design the Reelax Shoes for Salomon.

This unique after & before shoes come in 3 versions including lace up, a moc and a slide which is very good for kids. There is also a declined version and the concept has already been patented. It allows the user to walk easier and also to recover faster from injuries. This before & after shoe allows people with muscular fatigue to rebound, recover and reinvent after a strenuous exercise.

Reelax is one of those shoes which are not only functional and cool, but also look quite good. Thanks to so many different styles, the shoes are actually a boon to the fashion conscious. If the shoes are ever manufactured, and if the concept ever becomes a reality, it is expected to cost $65, and is a great way to help the runners and other athletes to develop strength and stamina. I totally love the way the shoes look.

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