Airbus A-380 Makes Long Flights A Super Fun-Filled Experience

If you are not a fan of long and monotonous flights, we have a breath of fresh air for you. The French company Airbus has announced the release of the last model of its famous Airbus A-380. And from what it claims, the world of flights will be changed forever. For starters, the economy and business class passengers are sperated right from the entrance itself for each have different jet bridges to carry them on their separate floors.

The Airbus A-380 will allow you to sit on the folded out to a full-length coach seats. Not just that but the flight attendants will also provide you with comfortable socks, sleep masks and stickers so as to let them know when to wake you up.
And once the cruising altitude is achieved, you can hit the remote to pamper yourself with a rejuvenating massage. There is also a 17-inch touchscreen monitor right in front of you to entertain at a click. You can also enjoy the benefits of two USB ports too. However, if you are not a crossword or Sudoku person, you can always hit the bar and enjoy your favorite concoction. So go ahead, stretch out a little and enjoy the long hours of plane traveling.




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