Charles Darwin’s First Edition Of The Origin Of The Species Discovered On A Dusty Bookshelf

The rags (meant only figuratively here) to riches story will have another real life incident added to its list of anecdotes. Latest buzz in the news world tells us that an extremely lucky and ignorant British family had the first edition of Charles Darwin’s the ‘Origin of Species’ eating dust on their bookshelf. Well, they just happened to see a picture of the book’s spine somewhere, which led them pondering, “Don’t we have this at home?”

And they were right. Reuters report that the book was originally purchased for just a few shillings way back in th 60s or 70s (the family does not remember). Since then, it lay undiscovered on a dusty shelf. But now, a rather bright and glamorous future awaits this book that will be auctioned off at Christie’s to celebrate the edition’s 150th anniversary. The estimated price is between $66,000 and $100,000.
So, it’s a lesson learnt that more attention should be paid to the attic and dusty, forgotten areas of the house. After all, you might not have the faintest idea what valuables might be lying there in wait for you!

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