Gibson’s Buckethead Signature Les Paul with Alpine White Paintjob Looks Cool

Guitars have been the symbol of our western cultures. Most eastern cultures borrowed many things from the west, and they have been doing well thanks to the borrowing. One of them is also the guitar, which is one of the traditional instruments of Europe. With that in mind, the guitar has travelled a long way not just in terms of space and distance, but also through time.

From being a humble instrument which was looked down upon by classical composers, it has now become the universal instrument of music. If you do not have a great guitar, you might as well go and start living under a rock. You also have the choice of making up to the offence of not purchasing a guitar and start learning how to play it by buying this impressive Gibson’s Buckethead Signature Les Paul.

It comes with an amazing alpine white paint job and looks really amazing. Some of the cool features of this guitar are marker-less fingerboard, ceramic humbucking pickups, and the arcade-button killswitches. It costs $4,311 and is surely out of reach for most people. However, if you think about the joy this cool guitar can provide you with, you would not regret.

Via: Acquire Mag

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