Lotte Feather Print Clutch Brings The Peacock Effect To Your Wardrobe

If you want something bright and fiery in your closet, go for the Lauren Merkin Lotte Feather Print Clutch, and trust us you will never go wrong with your fashion. This one is spunky and feathery (in fact, it might even remind you of a peacock) without the extra maintenance fuss involved. A real glam of a piece, this purse comes with a very genius of coloring. It is both pretty and exquisite.

The silk print saves it from the ‘cheap’ look that is the trouble with most fakes. And it is just the same reason, this amazingly stylish and practical fashion accessory works very well with its classy-ness. Kudos to Lauren Merkin for this little wonder. The careful splash of colors makes it a great companion with a whole lot of hues.

The dimensions of the clutch are 6″ H x 11 1/2″ W, which is a rather comfortable size when going for a formal evening. The teal works very well with the dark emsemble. There is a snap flap to secure the things within. Use it for a contrast and blow every one away with your different fashion sense.

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lotte fetaher print clutch

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