CalSpas Unveil Amazing New Fireplace for a Chilling Winter

The winter is getting fiercer and all you would want at a time like this is a great fireplace. i know it is rather funny to think about fireplaces when the best internal heating systems are around. Nevertheless, CalSpas have launched the Cape Pod 90 which is really uber-luxurious, if i should not exaggerate.

It looks like a contemporary villa and the beautiful fireplace-fire pit comes with loads of gadgets even. It comes with an integrated stereo system, mood lighting and a 90 degree pergola roof. Thanks to Illumapanels, it creates glowing atmosphere. The CalSpas Cape Pod 90 would be available in about 2 weeks and I am sure you can’t wait to get one for your house. It gives a 360 degree view of the fire and makes your living space warm and comfortable.

There is nothing better than having a great fire when it is cold and wintry. I love winters for that very reason as you could sit by the fire and imagine and let your mind slip away into fantasy world. Otherwise, you could also read books, listen to music and just have a great time by this luxurious fire.

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