Radiator Radiance: Stylish Tiki Hangs from Ceiling

We’ve heard of ceiling fans, lamps hanging from the ceiling and even books. An Italy based firm Ad Hoc has come up with something unique and innovative – home radiators that not only look stylish and add up to the décor of a room, but hang from the ceiling.

Aesthetics in making radiators décor friendly have undergone enormous effort in the recent years. Ad Hoc’s effort takes it to a new level altogether.

The radiators are meant to make the living space a symbol of authentic and harmonious domestic universe. The ultimate balance is between keeping it trendy and utilitarian as well. Tiki radiator as it is called, blends into a modern home in its minimalist make up. The shape is cylindrical, with a visual appeal and intricate finish. Tiki radiators are available in satin or white finish.

The metal radiator may well go on to turn the centerpiece of your home, thanks to its unique suspension feature. It is so oblivious and yet can attract attention that it resembles a hanging lamp shade. The heating element hangs in mid-air. The designer is Carlo Martino.

Via: Trendir, mocoloco
Ad Hoc Tiki Radiator

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