Ford Truck with BBQ Pit for $15,000

As a new month begins, we may expect to see new products being unveiled. Most importantly, November is the month when the temperature begins to plummet and the frost begins to appear on the windows. This is perhaps why we would see a number of BBQ parties happening all along the neighbourhood.

The air not only smells of fresh snow and frozen leaves, but also of sizzlers, steaks and roasted meat. With that in mind, here is a BBQ pit which comes inside a Ford truck. It apparently costs $15,000 but there is no information about specs. It kinda looks good, and if you are trying to make a statement as an old hillbilly who stays in a truck, you could get this for yourself at 15k.


While I see nothing special about this Ford Truck with BBQ pit, I would still recommend this as it has a strange appeal to it. Perhaps it is the idea of cooking inside a truck, and that too in a Ford truck which makes the idea seem so appealing. So go ahead and get yourself this cool BBQ machine, if you have pockets deep enough. Meanwhile, I shall be content with my normal BBQ grills.


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  • hello, this is one awsome pit there is nothing like this anywhere else in the world this is a custom hand fabricated rotesserie truck pit something you have to see in person to really appreciate the hard work put into one of these. this pit is made by makovy sheet metal out of temple tx. call 254-749-1457 if interested thanks.

  • Hey Charlie

    Just wondering if you sell the plans or the complete unit. I intend on getting into this business and would like a price quote on your unit,

    Johb B

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