Casa Cabana: Beautiful Doll Houses Could Be Used in Play Therapy

Sometimes dolls are better friends than humans for many kids. Playing with dolls has even proven to be a great therapeutic release for a child’s pent up emotions. If your child loves to play with dolls, you should perhaps encourage the kid more and allow him or her to go ahead and explore different emotions that are felt while playing with dolls.

Many of these emotions may not be pleasant but they help the child to purge such emotions which should not be bottled up. In order to encourage your kid to play with dolls more often, you could buy this cute Casa Cabana which has been designed by Kidsonroof. The cardboard shown here is a part of the many dollhouses that they have created using recycled materials.

The house comes with prints of cats, rabbits, squirrels and trees. The child gets to experience the goodness of being one with the nature and also learn the importance of using recycled materials. This eco-friendly dollhouse is the best gift you could give a child if you want him or her to explore different emotions and also learn to nurture the dolls in a beautiful house like this.

Via: Design Milk

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