Ego Establishes The Fact That Big, Rounded Shape Is In

The well-rounded, half-egg shape is turning out to be a popular pattern with most new bathtubs today. Maybe it is the modern need to identify with natural shapes that is driving brands to shell out this specific design. This time it is ‘Ego’ by Luca Veneri doing the regular jig. It is a high-gloss bathtub that is meant to enrich your bathing experience like never before, all this while upping the glam quotient of your home decor too.

Made from HI-MACS, this bathtub has used up Natural Scrylic Stone that comes from 75% naural mineral. The result is a translucent structure that has been inspired from supple forms of shower taps and organic volumes of space necessities.

Ego integrates a waterfall shower system as well as a flat blade of water. A special aerator and a water channeling system keep the chic bathtub active. The surface is stain resistant and has a very hygienic feel to itself. The weight is 400 kilograms and the price tag is $6,500. So go ahead and take a dip in luxury!

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