Rockwell Collins Upgrades Its In-Flight Entertainment Experience

Rockwell Collins is¬ a name that most high profile flights reckon with courtesy the TES in-flight entertainment (IFE) system which is quite a hit these days. The company is forever making advancements in technology to further add to the quality of the in-flight entertainment experience. And now it has announced to add a new feature to its digital in-flight entertainment systems that will let passengers to output audio and video to the in-seat displays. Plus there will be accompanying portable media devices like headphones from¬ Apple iPod.

The Rockwell Colins’ Digital Total Entertainment System (dTES) as well as the Enhanced Total Entertainment System (eTES) will sport this new integration. And this means, there will be a USB charging capability which is compatible with¬ iPhone, iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod nano and other popular media gadgets.

The dTES solution feature will have an upgrade from analog tape to high-quality digital audio and video souces. On the other hand, eTES will offer AVOD and interactivity as well as a high speed network connectivity to the users.

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