Lamu Industries Plants Two Trees For Every One Cut

Lamu Industries is turning out to be a name to reckon with for those who seek nothing but pure aesthetic pleasure in their furniture. This company has several hand-crafted solid wood armories, beds, chairs and consoles as well as many types of tables including coffe, library and dining tables to its credit. And these are hand-carved by local craftsmen who live on the East African island of Lamu.

The indigenous ‘mbambakofi’ hardwood (and no veneers) is used to make these spectacular pieces for your home decor. And please note that the cutting down of mbamakofi trees us regulated by the Kenyan Goverment. There is a strict rule that for each tree cut, two new ones are planted on the island.

Since no veneer is used in the furniture sold by Lamu Industries, the units continue to absord elements of its environment. So, in a dry areas, the wood will shrink while in a humid one, it will expans. With the passage of time, some cracks might also appear, but they only add more character to the wood. We are completely blown away by these spectacular works of natural art. Made to order pieces are also available. The retail price range starts at $3,000 and goes as high as $11,000.

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