Piet Is A Stunning Emerald-like Indoor Stove That Is Cool To Touch

An indoor stove that looks like a giant emerald, we definitely like this one! The reigning concept of the hearth and home with its green open fireplaces has gone a step further with Piet. This one is an all new chimney free indoor stove created by an industrial design student Fredrik Hylten-Cavallius. Some of you might know that it was really EcoSmart that pioneered the trend of open fire innovation.

Coming back to Piet, this one looks very artistic, something like a huge precious stone in a shade of yellow. The stive features a brass reflector and runs on ethanol fuel in place of wood, thus ensuring a smokeless fire.

The exterior has been done in ceramic and it also has a layer of rock wool fire insulation between the reflector and the outer shell. This helps in keeping the outside cool and avoids accidents. As you can see, the stove is safe to be around kids. Again, it requires no installation. So, go ahead and enjoy the warmth of fire minus the worries and a guilty green conscience.



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  • This looks great but is far from a ‘green’ product as most ethanol is derived from petroleum and what would happen if it was knocked over flaming ethanol everywhere, not good.

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