Rembrandt’s Famous Portrait Of A Man To Go Under The Hammer

What is the great painter Rembrandt best known for? Well, his gorgeous “Portrait of a Man” is no less than the Mona Lisa that Da Vinci painted. And now it seems that the half length image of a 1658 man with arms akimbo as etched out with Rembrandt’s brush will be going up for auction in December this year. This time too it is brand Christie’s which will be associating itself with this historical auction. The painting, we are told, has been offered by a private collector. History tells that Rembrandt first sold this one as part of personal antiquities to avoid bankruptcy.

The portait has not been seen in public since 1970. It measures 42 inches and 34 inches framing a man that faces the viewer in a very defiant pose with his hands on his hips. This one is the second of the only two paintings by Rembrandt dating to 1658.

The work is that of a genius. It holds the signature chiaroscuro technique of the painter that has the application of brushstrokes for a clever use of light and shade in defining the physical presence and psychological character of the subject. The painting will go on display at Christie’s, London from December 4 onwards and the sale will take plave on December 8.

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