Sukhoi Superjet 100 will Take off Soon

Come December, and Sukhoi, which has about 31 thousand employees will begin deliveries of its new Sukhoi. This special Superjet will be developed in collaboration with Finmeccanica of Italy subsidiary Alenia Aeronautica. The good news is that the Superjet 100 will be made at just €19.5 million, which is relatively a lot cheaper than many of the other superjets available.

Their low budget is already creating a lot of anxieties amongst their rivals. Sukhoi’s Superjet will definitely give a tough competition to their rivals such as, Embrader and Bombardier.Besides, the Superjet will also have a more comfortable flying environment. It will have 5 seat rows setup with a combination of style and ergonomics, which are considered to be the largest ever installed on regional transport aircraft.

If all goes well, Sukhoi may also include an even more sybaritic VIP model instead of having rows of seats. As of now, things look quite promising. More information will be available once December comes. So, let’s just wait and watch until then. I wonder what Sukhoi will come up with next! I hope, something as cool as their Superjet 100.

Via: JamesList\Sukhoi\Bombardier


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