Simple Logic Makes Revel Custom Wine Cellar A Winner All The Way!


Passionate collectors of wine will appreciate this! The focus of our attention this time is a cool new wine storage system by the founder of the Revel Custom Wine Cellars, Jim Cash. Apparently, the man was just so uninspired by the traditional cork systems that he thought of a wine keeping system that is centered around the wine and not the rack.

Called the Revel Cellar, it has several units in the form of sliding drawers to hold multiple bottles. And this is gives us a clear view of the wine we need without distrubing the others. You really dont have to removed each and every bottle before getting to your desired bittle.

Cash has designed the shelves so that they remain higher than the eye level. So when you store the bottles with the label facing downards, things can become very easy unlike now. The simple principle behind the Revel Cellar has been borrowed from that of a kitchen cabinet that has base units and upper units installed in such a way that maximum usage is achieved.




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