Bidder Pays $4.6 Million To Rot In Pieces Next To Marilyn Monroe!

All through the life of this beautiful actress, women wanted to be like her and men wanted to date her. Marilyn Monroe was more than just a desirable woman; she was the epitome of beauty sensuous perfection that seemed ethereal and eternal. It’s no wonder that even years after her death, people hunger to get close to her.

We recently featured an article on eBay auctioning the grave plot next to that of Monroe’s and the stunning interest the auction had received. The bidding has now come to an end and a mystery individual has won the rights from seller Elsie Poncher for the crypt in the Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park. The crypt, which was till recently occupied by Elsie’s husband, had earlier belonged to Monroe’s husband and has now been sold for $4,602,100.

The Los Angeles neighbourhood is well known for the number of celebrities living there, including Playboy owner Hugh Hefner. No one knows, so perhaps it was even Hefner who bought the grave and would rot eternally next to the legendary beauty.

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Via: Xinhuanet

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