VADO Smart Faucet Comes With The iPhone Touch

Present day bathroom fixtures have been quite the centre of the latest in technology. We have had everything from TV mirrors to automatic toilets to touch faucets. It is really a delight to see how the traditional, rough and heavy bathroom fittings have given way to stylish, sleek and light-weighted new ones with dramatic silhouettes and cutting edge technology. And since iPhone is the newest stuff on the techie block that folks can’t get enough of, its influence can now be seen in the bathroom too.

iHouse has developed a new Smart Faucet along the lines of the much-revered iPhone. It is called VADO has the latest v-touch basin mixer that runs on touch screen technology. So, there is a touch pad that lets you change the flow of water and thermostatically control the temperature with the aid of the digital display.

There are red and blue dots that glow subtly through the Tecnoril material. We guess these let you know how hot or cold the water is. The curves are sleek and the body is white for this faucet which looks great with the matte black spout that arcs through the body. VADO plans to have an extensive range of faucets, basin and baths by the end of this year.

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  • our bathroom faucets are all metal and we are not a fan of those cheap plastic faucets that worns out easily”~`

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