BrainPort raises Hopes for the Visually Challenged

There have been many devices which aim to alleviate the misery caused by visual handicaps. Most devices use the electric signals in order to send brains certain neural messages so that the blind person can “see”. Here is a gadget which sends electric impulses through the tongue to the brain, and enables the blind person to perceive space and even read text.

The BrainPort is a device which helps the blind people to regain some amount of vision in certain cases with the help of a camera and electric impulses which are sent through the tongue. The BrainPort then decides the signals to the mountable which is attached to the blind person’s head. These impulses which are decided are then perceived as text or spatial information by the wearer.

The device is expected to cost around $10,000 and may be available commercially very soon. It is expecting FDA approval, for further development. I guess this would help a large section of the visually challenged to regain a part of their vision, only if they can afford the expensive gadget.

Via: Slash Gear

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