Airbia: A Panacea for Urban Traffic Woes

When you think about urban transportation, you might either think about bicycles if you are too green minded, or you just might think of mass transit like the rest of us would. Either ways, they are not efficient or useful to the problems faced by a large urban centre.

The Airbia is a system of airships which would fly from the suburbs to the city centre and would form an additional network of transportation in an urban realm. It allows easy hovering, landing and passenger access. It has the capacity to carry 400 people and would fly at a speed of 150 kilometres per hour. It would fly at a height of about 30 to 150 meters and is safe from all angles. It uses helium to fly and has been inspired by Zeppelin technologies.

Authorities can set up pick platforms anywhere they think is convenient and is thus one of the best urban transportation systems I have come across lately. Airbia is one of the more modern and efficient concepts designed lately by design establishments. It is not known if it would ever be employed in reality.

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