Mobile Dining By Nobuhiro Teshima Is Simplistic Elegance

Shifting homes or the arrival of a large number of staying guests often leave individuals with the need for practical furniture sets that are as easy to move around as they are to use. Natural disasters also leave people without basic furniture and providing these to a large number of temporarily homeless individuals can seem alsmot an impossibility.

Japanese designer Nobuhiro Teshima provides the answer for such situations in the form of Mobile Dining. This dining table set can easily seat 8 people and, when not in use, can easily be folded away to fit inside a small cupboard. The cupboard also has more shelves for storing away cutlery and perhaps even a couple bottles of wine. Quite ingenious in design, the wooden cupboard has wheels so that it can be easily pushed around and transferred to different destinations. Its small size also means the whole dining table set can be stored away when the need for such a huge table is absent.

Since the Japanese traditionally eat while seated on the ground and this isn’t followed by the chair loving crown, Nobuhiro has thoughtfully added a mechanism that allows the user to set the height of the table.

mobile dining mobile dining

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mobile dining

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