This Lounge Is All About SMART Thinking!

Lounging is a favorite leisure activity with many of us. Perhaps that is one reason why researchers and developers never really let go of an opportunity to incorporate new advancements in the already existing piece of furniture that we lovingly call the lounge. SMART Lounge is one such relaxation system that is based on a non-medical vibration system which provides audio and tactile stimulation to the mind and body.

Technology like Vibroacoustics (it is related to hearing sound vibrations through the body) has been used in the SMART Lounge to relax your mind and body into a meditative state. This results in a decreased muscle tension, lowered heart rate and blood pressure as well as brings about a deeper breathing pattern that calms you sense and keeps you in a good mood.

The success of SMART Lounge can be seen in the fact that it has been used in hospitals and clinics all around the world. In fact, the REST Audio Sound Software of the lounge gets the support of many health experts. Recently, it’s been discovered that the SMART Lounge can bring in temporary relief for symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The makers have decided on an introductory price of $1,495.

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