Slovenian Art Ensemble Create Street Art for Trnfest 2009

Whoever said street art is not legal, and that they deface the city? Slovenian Art collective Zek crew have created an awesome street art ensemble that baffles the viewer into believing street art is the way to go. The art was installed or done in order to promote the Trnfest 2009. The logo of the fest was cut of a large white material and that was applied over the many billboard ads that are found in cities.

The negative space of cut outs reveal colourful layers of decaying art which suggests the many layers that are found in a city and its society. The art is not about adding something but “cutting out” something from the existing just like the way real life is supposed to be.


You would not believe but street art can be extremely cynical towards the attitude of the ruling governments and societal attitudes. This is perhaps why it is disliked by many. Nevertheless, Street Art rocks and is definitely “In”. You may perhaps want to visit the art site and if so, do let us know what you thought about it!


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