Crown Turquoise Necklace Exudes Old World Charm

If you have noticed stately women, they do not usually wear a lot of gold or diamonds. Instead, they use jewellery that has character and that which has an aura of sophistication. Price really doesn’t matter when it comes to elegance. While an expensive necklace can be ultra chic, an inexpensive antique necklace can have the charm that is priceless.

This Crown Turquoise Necklace being sold at Tique, Etsy is amazingly rich to look at while it brings back memories of czars and czarinas of the past. It can also pose as a brooch and the faux turquoise doesn’t really look faux and looks amazing! It has this vintage elegance which has not come across even in the most expensive necklaces we have featured.


All you would need to do is wear a nice dress and this necklace without looking trashy or ridiculous. I would say, its vintage and old world charm is priceless and is just amazing! You could contact Tique for this and many more necklaces like this.


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