Belgian Graffiti in the City of Gent Sets off a New Trend

Belgian Street Art can be pretty confusing. Firstly, the country speaks two different languages and thus Flemish and French speakers tend to be bilingual and this multilingualism shows up in the Belgian street art too. The city of Gent in Belgium is known for its graffiti more than anything else.

If you take a look at all these graffiti found in that city; you would realize the charming and throbbing art scene that exists underground. Most of the Graffiti are surreal in nature and none of them have any direct meaning whatsoever. They seem to question the idea of different layers of reality present within the Belgian society.


Perhaps the street art there is influenced but Flemish ad French cultures along with North African and Asian cultures which are brought by both legal and illegal immigrants to this tiny country. These graffiti were found behind St Lucas hospital in Gent. If you are ever in Belgium, you could track the artists and invite them to your city for some graffiti to be done on the street walls!


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