Mini Display to Waste Your Time Away

Sometimes, you just might get tired of all the huge monitors that are being advertised and would want something tiny and cute for yourself. In such a situation, you could get yourself the Mimo Mini USB monitor which can just be plugged into a computer and used, alongside your regular monitor.

If you like watching a particular video or all the tweets that your friends send, you could get hold of this cool monitor for about $130 and call it your own. There is nothing special about it and it is just for the sake of fun or some self indulgence, when you would want to get a product like this. It provides a low maintenance relationship between the user and the display.

It is a great display for checking email, watching videos, PC gaming, spreadsheets, PhotoShop tools and many other things. Just know that this cannot replace your large monitor and it is just for the sake of fun! It even comes with a high resolution display so there is no need for you to think twice and you should just go ahead and get this for yourself.

Via: red Ferret

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