Get A Great Green Hideaway With Treetop Chaise

Trees have always been the ultimate a hang out for the classic recluse from as long as one can remember. Be it George of the jungle or Tarzan…oh we mean in real life… be it grown-ups or kinds, everybody loves to find a corner of their own where none can disturb. Treetop Chaise works along the same plane. This one is an LED illuminated chaise lounge chair made completely in wood. And not just any wood, but birch play and poplar slarts as well as real tree branches for legs.

As eco-friendly as it could be, the Treetop Chaise’s LED starts get powered by the least minimum of electricity adding a whole lot of magic to your ‘me time’ place. The patterns has been inspired by positive relief which is showered generously over cut out leaf patterns. And did we say the chair is green! Yes, we did and we meant literally so because of the natural green dye finish to perfect the tree accent.

Not to forget, the curve of the chaise has been kept so that the user can be allowed to keep his or her natural position as that’s the best to release pressure. We think that this piece of furniture is a great asset to own for it promises comfort as well as a great means of starting a conversation.



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