Chanel Goes Biking Around For Brand Promotion

Top fashion houses like Chanel find unique ways to make their presence felt. Just a few months ago, the brand gave us an ultra-fashionable concept car and now there is another one for the road. A custom mobike has been commissioned for a special photo shoot at the Rue Royale Boutique in Paris. Participating in this event were the kingpin of the label Karl Lagerfeld and the very sexy models Lara Stone and Baptiste Giacobini.

We are told that the bike is reminiscent of the one that legend Marlon Brnado drove in The Wild One. And it was custom made in Tolouse, France as per the instructions given by Lagerfield who is already a big name because of his wacky creative ideas.

The motorcycle done in all black is low and shiny. But you know, there isnt much point in discussing the technicalities for this beauty isn’t to go into production. Sad for the fashion enthusiasts who enjoy speed too.


Via luxurylaunches

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