Cylindrical Display Regales Crowds at Parties

Syfy’s Big Rebrand party in Rockefeller Center is quite an amazing place and situation with a lot of things to do and check out. There was this super cool cylindrical display by DynaScan which is actually a spinning drum that comes with several RGB LEDs. When the drum spins, you see the display with a surprisingly bright video quality. This could not be bought can be hired just like Syfy did. It would cost you $4,000 to $14,000 a week.

Your guests would be amazed at the cool cylindrical display and in case you are calling for a conference, your invitees and delegates would actually be taken over by the fact that your organization is cool enough to think out of the box. Of course, they do not need to know that you hired it and not bought it.


If you ask me, you should just go ahead and get this cool thing for yourself. It would also be a cool display at airports, public spaces and even in hospitals and malls as a cylindrical display would capture the attention from 360 degrees.


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