$42,000 ClimbStation Will Have You Climbing The Wall

Wall climbing is a sport that not everyone can opt for. This extreme sport requires optimum physical fitness as well as quick thinking. For those who don’t care to reach the top every time though, it can be a great way to de-stress, build up the body and truly have some fun.

Wall climbing has become popular enough for artificial walls to be found in most sports complexes. Fanatics of the sport often go to the point of painstakingly buying different types of holds (which are, obviously, quite expensive) and building an artificial wall at home. That’s in the past though, because now you can just order a climbing wall. The ClimbStation is a 150cm wide artificial wall with 90 holds.

Unlike most artificial walls, the hydraulic tilting mechanism of the ClimbStation allows it to be tilted between +15 degrees to -30 degrees to adjust the level of difficulty, along with the scrolling speed of 17metres per minute. The holds can also be configurated according to the users liking. At $42,000, the ClimbStation is a great product for beginners to practice on and for experts to enhance their climbing skills.

Via: OhGizmo!

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