Light Pillow: Creating a dreamland in your bedroom!

Designing a home can often be tricky and in the case of getting things right for a kid’s room, it is far more difficult as you need to take in their own opinion, weigh it up against your budget options and then achieve the best compromise. In case your little one wants a dreamland in your bedroom or a fairytale setting, then here is something that is a perfect fit. Not just for kids, but in case you wish to invite some mystic charm and gentle aura into your room from a singularly unexpected source, then the Light Pillow is just the way to go.

The Light Pillow is both a simple and unique way to brighten up the room. You can place it anywhere in the room, hang it as a chandelier or even prop it up with some other additions. Designed by Linus Kutavicius the gadget itself consists of a simple cover that is washable, is completely removable and made of 100% cotton. Inside this cover one can place a light of their choice (We suggest a brilliant white LED for the tranquil look or a more flashy color to prep it up) and you can use this in a combination with other light sources to give your home a look that you crave for.

And the price you pay for Light Pillow? Just $189… Not too much for that perfect look!

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