Buy The Original GhostBusters Car Ecto-1 On eBay!

The younger generation couldn’t possibly forget the Extreme GhostBusters cartoon with the handsome though dumb Eduardo Riviera, the sexy goth Kylie and the loveable but gross Slimer. The series was based upon the GhostBusters movie from the late 80s which featured four scientists bent upon saving the world from ectoplasmic slime.

Whether you grew up watching the movies or the cartoon, every kid knows that when there is something strange in the neighbourhood you have to call the GhostBusters. And when they arrive, they arrive in style in the Ecto-1. The original Ecto-1 is up for sale on eBay and although the current bid is at $45,100, it will surely hit an amount way higher than that. The car was originally a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor which was made into the GhostBusters car for the slime-fighting heroes.

Although there was some confusion whether the car is the real Ecto-1 or a replica, the seller assures bidders that it is the real deal used by Universal Studios for the movies and that the car is currently in a museum. The white car is painted with the trademark red and white no-ghosts-allowed GhostBusters logo.


Via: LaughingSquid/CrunchGear

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