Autonomobile: A Conceptual Vehicle Changes Vehicular Paradigm

Designers Mike and Maaike have created a concept car that has blown everyday’s mind. The car is all about being slow and steady, and environmentally friendly. The vehicle has been christened Autonomobile and with the tagline saying: the end of driving. It may not be technically possible to create and manufacture this car yet but it is still a great idea, and looks quite luxurious.

The car almost looks like a house and is designed to make your driving or rather manoeuvring a joy and you would just need to give verbal commands to the car in order to control it. You could say “Take me on the scenic route” but I can’t understand how the car would understand where the scenic route is, and moreover scenery and its beauty are subjective. Nevertheless, it looks quite impressive.


The car is fit to be used in a Shangri-la where everything is perfect but in a world where money, time, speed and danger rule our lives, this car does not seem to have any place in the society. Perhaps one would actually have to change the society itself in order to make Autonomobile a great success.


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